Find the right plan for your community

Free $ 0.00 / mon
Up to 3 Google or iCal calendars
Full-sized, public calendar, hosted by us
Mobile, tablet or desktop
Embeddable on your website
Automatic event refresh every 4 hours
Second tier tech support
Bronze $ 19.95 / mon
Free-tier plus
Up to 2 custom integrations
Up to 6 Google or iCal calendars
Automatic event refresh every 15 minutes
Show your own banners (ads) on the full-sized, public calendar
First Tier Tech Support
Silver $ 39.95 / mon
Bronze tier plus
Up to 10 custom integrations
Up to 50 Google or iCal calendars
Up to 3 account managers
Export to iCal - for syncing with other calendar apps
Gold $ 49.95 / mon
Silver tier plus
Event creator/editor
Up to 10 account managers
Abstract shape

Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom integrations?

Custom integrations are what set All Together Calendar apart from other calendar apps. They are code that our engineers write just for you to fetch events from websites, that have calendars that do NOT have an export function.

Many communities have such sites. Now they can be part of the combined community calendar. Moreover, if you select the silver or gold plan, users can use the iCal export to pull those events into other calendars apps, such as on a smart phone.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime, no questions are asked while you cancel, but we would highly appreciate if you will give us some feedback. Also, you should know that we bill by the month and do not give refunds for partial months.

How can I create events if I do not have the Gold plan?

Easy - create a shared Google calendar and add that calender to your source list.

What is a Manager?

Managers control the sources that are available in the merged calendar. They also control what appears in the spaces reserved for banners. Finally, for gold tier, they can directly create and edit events on the merged calendar.