When you setup your All Together Calendar, you specify the external calendars you want to be available. On a periodic basis, our app fetches the events from those calendars and caches them. When a user goes the All Together Calendar calendar page, the events from those external calendars are displayed.

All of this happens automatically. As long as the external calendars are up-to-date, All Together Calendar will be up-to-date (actually for bronze, could take up to 4 hours for a change to appear; 15 minutes for silver or gold).

This can be tricky. That is why we do it for you. All you have to do is give us some clues on what you want by logging in, clicking on "My Calendars" and clicking on "Configure Sources".

The clues could be a link to the external calendar you want or a shared calendar link. Anything that will help our engineers find what you want.

A Local Calendar is a calendar that runs on All Together Calendar. It is one of the source calendars for the aggregate calendar. Local calendars are only available for silve and gold plan members.

The reason to have one or more local calendars is simplicity; you don't have to setup an external calendar like Google Calendars.

Some older calendars do not have an export function (e.g. a static webpage calendar). Fortunately we are experts at creating "page scrappers" for extracting such content. For silver and gold members we will do that at no additional charge.

Since All Together Calendar is pulling events from sources that are not under your control, it is possible that an event could use inappropriate language. When All Together Calendar fetches events, it scans each one for profanity. If it detects profanity, the event is quarantined and the All Together Calendar owner and manager(s) are notified by email. At that point, owner/managers can choose to allow the event. If the owner/managers do nothing, the event will remain in quarantine indefinitely (fail-safe).

If an external calendar is found to have inappropriate events, we recommend temporarily disabling the calendar and notifying that calendar's managers, that way the problem can be fixed at it's source. Once it is resolved, then enable the calendar.

Our profanity checker is not perfect. The best way to avoid these situations is to carefully decide which external sources to include.

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