About Us

The idea for All Together Calendar came to us when one of us was a board member on the Chamber of Commerce in a small community. The Chamber website calendar was the community calendar. Every time someone wanted to promote an event, they had to contact us and we had to manually enter the information on the calendar. If anything changed, they had to contact us again. The Chamber was all volunteer, and the volunteers did not want to spend their time managing a calendar. Clearly there had to be a better way.

Allowing anyone to post on the calendar was a non-starter. Furthermore, most of the organizations in the community already had their own calendar. Most online calendars have a sharing function, so all we really needed to do was have the Chamber calendar pull events from approved organizations. That way the organization could manage it's own calendar and the results would automatically appear on the community calendar.

We thought an app to do this would already exist. But we could not find such an app that:

  • Worked well on mobile
  • Was easy to use

So we decided to build one. We hope you like the results!